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My 60 Day Level Up Your Life program is the perfect way to jumpstart your fitness journey. This comprehensive guide includes workouts, diet guidelines and advice on how to manifest your personal and fitness goals. We provide an easy-to-follow day-by-day plan to help you stay on track and make sure you reach your goals within 60 days. With our program, you'll experience dramatic improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing in no time.

60 Day Level Up Your Life Guide

SKU: 001
  • This item is downloadable in PDF format.

  • Over 50 Pages of:

    • Full 60-Day workout routine with exercises, sets, and reps.
    • How to calculate your personal nutrition goals.
    • Example diet plan
    • Detailed guide on what is manifesting and how to do it, with examples and practices.
    • Workout sheets for tracking progress, goals, and more.
    • This eBook is a detailed roadmap on how to better your mind and phsique in 60 days. 
    • I personally used this plan to completely level up my life.
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